Airsoft FAQ

Got questions about airsoft? This is the page to find answers on! If you are new to airsoft or thinking about starting, these are the things you probably want to know before your first skirmish.

Airsoft FAQ

Does Airsoft Hurt?

Being hit with an airsoft BB feels like getting flicked with a rubber band, after a few seconds the pain starts to fade and generally after a few minutes the pain fades almost completely.

Does airsoft or paintball hurt less?

This depends on your pain tolerance but most people agree that airsoft is less painful than paintball as the pain fades quickly in airsoft.

How fun is airsoft?

Airsoft is as fun as you make it, everyone has different tastes and everyone on the field will be using the kit they picked and having fun. If you want to run around dressed as agent 47 or your favourite game character you can and that's what makes airsoft great. Read one of our team members' first airsoft game article below.

What to Expect From Your First Airsoft Game
Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m here to tell you all about your first game and how mine went down. Have a read if you want to know my recommendations or you fancy a giggle at my antics.

Do you need a mask for airsoft?

Most sites require players under 18 to wear full-face protection. Regardless of age, all players must wear eye protection that is suitable for airsoft, this means it is rated to withstand BB impacts. If you are looking for eye protection only buy from reputable retailers or manufacturers.

Can you use a paintball mask for airsoft?

Yes, you can use a paintball mask for airsoft. If you are looking for full-face protection then paintball masks are a good option for you.

What is the minimum age to play airsoft?

Most sites have a minimum age of around 12 years old. Some sites will have lower age requirements and some will have higher age requirements. Check the website or contact the site before booking to find out their minimum age requirements. Many sites will also require a parent or guardian to sign a waiver for players under 18.

Is there an age limit on airsoft guns?

In the UK you must be over 18 to purchase an Imitation Firearm (IF), this means at least 51% of the firearm must be painted in a bright colour. To purchase a realistic imitation firearm (RIF) you must be over 18 and have a valid form of defence.

Valid forms of defence include UKARA, Re-enactment Society Member, a Museum Curator or Member of a TV / Film Production crew. Further information: – Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, c.38, Part 2, Imitation Firearms, Section 37

What is a RIF?

A Realistic Imitation Firearm or RIF is simply an Imitation Firearm (IF) that looks realistic or does not fit the definition of an Imitation Firearm.

An IF is an Imitation Firearm, which does not look ‘realistic’. This may be due to size (a miniature) or that it is clear or brightly coloured (the majority of the gun is one of the designated colours)

What is a UKARA?

UKARA stands for ‘United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association’ and is a database of all registered Airsoft Skirmishers in the UK, this allows retailers to check an individual to see if they are eligible to purchase Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF). UKARA is a valid form of defence in the UK.

How do I get a UKARA?

To get a UKARA registration an individual must visit a UKARA registered Airsoft Skirmish Site 3 times or more outside of 56 Days or 8 Weeks. Once you have a UKARA you can use it as a valid form of defence and purchase a RIF.

Yes, airsoft guns are legal to own and possess in the UK, however, they must only be used on private land or out of public view as they are classed as Imitation Firearms. If you do decide to have your Imitation Firearm on show in public, armed response will probably show up and you'll be in a lot of trouble.

The law also limits the max Joules of a weapon, an airsoft gun cannot exceed this energy limit.

LocalityMax FPS for autoMax FPS for semi
England1.3J 374fps @ 0.20g2.5J 518fps @ 0.20g
Wales1.3J 374fps @ 0.20g2.5J 518fps @ 0.20g
Scotland1.3J 374fps @ 0.20g2.5J 518fps @ 0.20g
Northern Ireland1.0J 328fps @ 0.20g1.0J 328fps @ 0.20g

How do I transport airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns should be transported in a hard case, gun bag, original box or similar, this is especially important when using public transport as you do not want to be stopped by transport police because another passenger has spotted your airsoft gun and thinks it's a real firearm. It's an offence in the UK to have an Imitation Firearm on display in public at any time.

Can I use an airsoft gun in public?

No. It's an offence to have an Imitation Firearm on display in public in the UK. This means you cannot have your airsoft gun in public at any time unless it is in a suitable case for transport.

What are the rules of airsoft?

The main rule in airsoft is to call your hits, a hit is usually when another player's BB hits you or a melee weapon such as a rubber knife is used. When hit you must raise your arm to indicate you are hit, depending on the game mode you may either go back to a spawn point or be revived by a teammate.

Before the game starts a marshal will usually explain the rules of the specific game mode and if you are unsure you can always ask a marshal for an explanation. The many different game modes and different variations keep the game interesting and fun.

Make sure you follow the rules of your local site and most importantly have fun. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, instead of getting angry or shouting at them simply inform a marshal.