4/100: What it's like to play Airsoft as a Woman.

What it is really like to play airsoft as a female in a male-dominated sport. The Fallout 4 Weekend event at Outpost Airsoft and Paintball Site, from a players perspective.

4/100: What it's like to play Airsoft as a Woman.

From the 25th to the 27th of June, I attended an amazing Airsoft event at Outpost Airsoft and Paintball Site. The weekend marked the start of the Fallout 4 Event, a post-apocalyptic style event, consisting of LARPING (Live Action Role Playing), team games and prizes. Despite the absolute ball I had over the weekend, I noticed something rather odd, our team made up half of the women at the event. Within our team, I make up one of our two female members so I think you can imagine the surprise I felt when I saw only two other females.

Initially, this was off-putting, of course, it was, to be surrounded by men with huge guns looking a lot bigger, taller and a whole lot more intimidating than my 5,7ft self. Though, as I later discovered, appearance is not everything, and my height, speed and manoeuvrability proved a vital asset amongst the games. Notably, in the last game of the day, where I was awarded player of the match by the ref. Mainly due to the fact I pulled a Rambo, and ran across an open field full of enemies with semi-automatic rifles, with no gas left in my pistol. Definitely one of my proudest moments I do say, with how I managed to get 2 other airsofters across the field unscathed, whilst I took the brunt of the hits.

Though this may seem like I am exaggerating, I assure you I don't think I could recreate that moment if I tried to. It was surreal and the response to it was what really took me by surprise, I had several regular players come and find me after the event and tell me how 'awesome' I was and how 'It was the best thing I've ever seen anyone do this weekend'. I am sure you can imagine how flabbergasted I was at the response and the comradery of all the players towards the game.

This event made me fall even more in love with airsoft. I didn't think it was possible, but here I am just two weeks away from my next huge game and I can not wait! I will be using my Hi-Capa 5.1 Pistol once more, my small deadly weapon that will always be my go-to. You don't need the biggest gun, I know I certainly don't, it may help in some situations, though in my eyes the real key to success is a strategy and good sportsmanship or should I say sports(wom)anship ... [feel free to shake your head at that truly awful joke].

Anyway, as I stated before, despite being only one of the four women present at the event it was in no way alienating or off-putting. If you are worried please just dive in and go for it, you will not regret it. I can't wait to go back and meet up with the players I met during the event and show them my new skills.

Stay safe and stay shooting sharp, this has been Dutchess and I am signing off.