What to Expect From Your First Airsoft Game

Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm here to tell you all about your first game and how mine went down. Have a read if you want to know my recommendations or you fancy a giggle at my antics.

What to Expect From Your First Airsoft Game

There are many different ways you may experience your first game, you may be a rental or you may have all your own gear, either way, you will have a good time. Just because you are renting the equipment does not put you at a disadvantage to others, Airsoft is all about tactical work and strategical thinking, especially in outdoor games. If you use your equipment wisely and keep to your instincts, you may even surprise a few regulars, I know I did.

Hi, I'm Olivia, also known as Witch B*tch on the field, and I'm here to tell you all about my first Airsoft Game.

Despite not being a rental, and owning all of my own equipment, I am most definitely new to Airsoft. My first game was this past Sunday, and it was excellent. I stuck to my guns, no pun intended, and dove straight in. Armed with a handgun and a pocket of BBs in a forest full of regulars was intimidating, though don't let that put you off. Soon, I was knee sliding across mud, throwing myself into bushes, and rolling down mud to avoid being hit. Let me tell you, you will know when you are hit trust me. It is relatively painless, the initial 30-second sting and it's gone, just be sure you call the hit, no one likes a cheater after all.

Back to the point, my first game took place outside in a forest, with fallen trees, streams, creeks and hills. The dense forest can be both a blessing and a weakness, being hidden in the bushes and trees is all well and good, but you have to remember you're not the only one who had that idea. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, because what you may think is clear, maybe quite the contrary. My word of advice, move slowly when you hear the whizz of a BB, but run for your life when you need to get across a clearing because you have a good chance of making it. They are BBs not bullets, and even a breeze may send a one-off course, or a branch could deflect it, if you have the chance go for it! If you get hit, then that's okay just shout 'dead man walking' for example and go back to your respawn point. The phrase 'dead man walking' does prove incredibly useful, it just helps to reiterate how you are out of the game temporarily and prevents you from being shot again.

As I said before, my first game was against a group of regulars, and it was not easy, but there wouldn't be any fun if it was. Initially, the worry and awkwardness was evident, not really knowing where you should go or what you should do, but that was all washed away soon enough. The regulars were always there to lend me a hand and show me the ropes, and even lend me a rifle when we were placed together on a team. I'm not going to lie the sport, as I have experienced it so far, is male-dominated, but that should not put you off!  The community is extremely welcoming and as soon as I got stuck in I didn't feel out of place in any way, despite being rather clumsy at times (falling over about three times because my glasses fogged up), but it was highly enjoyable.

I think that's about it from me, and my experience at my first ever airsoft game, my words of advice?

  • Wear walking boots or combat boots, they are great for grip and are waterproof (depending on the brand).
  • Bring face protection, meaning Eye Protection and a Mask if you wish. I personally have a full face mask.
  • Make sure your pants have plenty of pockets, again walking pants and tactical pants are brilliant for this.
  • Wear a tactical shirt, hiking jumper or a long sleeve shirt.
  • Bring plenty of water and some snacks.
  • Wear dark colours; black, green, brown, dark navy, it will help you blend in.
  • Bring BBs if you're not renting and a Gun if again you are not renting.
  • For those with long hair, I would recommend a bobble to tie your hair out of the way or even a headband.
  • If you have glasses I can't stress this enough, get Anti-fog spray, it is a gamechanger.

I hope you have found this useful, and maybe even laughed at a few of my shenanigans during my first airsoft game. Fingers crossed you will have just as an amazing experience as I had.

Stay Wicked,

Olivia, Aka Dutchess.